Silver Dime Cards

Buy silver. Trade with value! You may have heard that before 1965, the currency of the U.S. contained real silver as a basis for its value for trade. Well, as you may have noticed today’s stuff contains all but a vague promise, is fuel for crony bailouts, and has really skewed our economy away from a sustainable path to peace and prosperity. Why not strengthen your local economy by using functional art in trade? Or see how far this card can circulate among social networks across the nation!

While we cannot (may not?) make promises about the day-to-day value of the silver within, by the looks of it out there we feel pretty confident it’s a wise choice. And you may appreciate that for every dollar spent towards silver, you are directing your earnings in directions you value instead of the strange and not-altogether-kind projects financed with fractional-reserve-bank leverage using your deposits in the system. To follow along and track the market rate of silver, scan the QR code on the back of our cards to get the free Silver Calculator app for Android, Palm, iPhone and Kindle Fire.

You can find custom dime cards on our Etsy store. Go now to get your own Silver Dime Cards and DTOM merchandise! Leave comments if you would like your own custom cards for your liberty group at a bulk rate!

Check out our WePay store for great cards made in promotion of our friends.

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17 thoughts on “Silver Dime Cards

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  2. If you’d like to promote freedom music with these cards, feel free to use the Songs of Freedom logos and websites or contact the bands featured, I’m sure they’d appreciate the idea.

  3. Hi. I am curious as to roughly how much it would cost to produce a custom card. (I could provide the graphics.)
    Also, how many cards would I have to order?

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