Shire Silver

Shire Silver

They say “there are no new ideas in the world”, and in the case of our silver dime cards this is absolutely true. Just about everything we have ever done was stolen from Ron Helwig of Ron brings years of experience to local and silver based currency having been a regional currency officer for the Liberty Dollar prior to founding the Shire Silver model. Ron has worked with just about every other silver trade card producer, including: | | |

Shire Silver offers co-branding solutions for your small business or advocacy efforts. If you are interested in accepting silver trade cards in your brick and mortar store, sign up with Ron’s merchant program and let the world know you accept an honest currency.

Don’t Tread On Meme has commissioned these half gram and one gram trading cards in promotion of the Silver Calculator app.

Pay with Credit Card Pay with Credit Card

You can also find these cards for sale via bitcoin on (The eBay of bitcoin)


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