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When I started getting interested in the ideas of liberty, I really wanted to take control of what was happening in my life financially, and to try and have a business that would allow me the ability to be financially independent from having to work in the sheeple workforce of corporatism. I also wanted to do something that would show my support of these ideas. Thus, Savory Scents was born. I started making candles, with an aspiration to move into other areas in bath and body, such as lotions, soap, bath gels, etc. I have also researched making perfume, and I make some jewelry when the fancy strikes me. I love to create, Customers have said that my soy candles are better than Yankee Candle, and that kind of feedback makes my heart dance with joy, knowing that I’m doing something right. So I encourage you to take a look at all the items I have available, with a growing list of available scent options for all kinds of preferences of fragrance. There’s some spicy and some sweet..some fresh and some heavy. I hope you enjoy taking a look at what Savory Scents has to offer!


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Silver Dime cards back on OpenBazaar.

Its been some time since I have made some cards but they are back and only available on OpenBazaar. In order to purchases them you will need to download the application from and check out using bitcoin. Contact me if you have any problems or would like a custom order.

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