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Drew and Ross represent their Silver Dime Trading Card contribution to the barter economy in this Q&A session at the Free State Project’s Porcupine Freedom Festival in New Hampshire.

The Ridley Report interview from our “silver bar” in room 706 at Liberty Forum 2012 in Nashua, NH: Smoother transition when dollar collapses: That’s the big goal of this little card”

Listen to two members of the DTOM marketing project, Jim and Ross, on Ernest Hancock’s Declare Your Independence from the studios of Freedom’s Phoenix.

Declare Your Independence 11-28-11 Fashion for a Silver Economy

Drew from Wallet Voting and Once Upon a Dime and Ernest Hancock from Freedom’s Phoenix explain our Silver Dime Card project:

Hop Aboard the Love Train – Ditch Your Federal Reserve Notes and Trade With Silver Coins!

Ross explains how you can copy our Silver Dime Card idea. We hope one day to receive a card we didn’t make, maybe from the Pillars of Liberty in Florida!

How to make a Silver Dime Card

A swift overview of America’s most enterprising “liberty start-ups” at Freedom Fest 2011. The Silver Calculator app was a big hit!

Freedom Fest 2011, Las Vegas

Watch us in upstate New Hampshire at the Free State Project’s flagship weeklong event The Porcupine Freedom Festival 2011 (Porc Fest) where we give entrepreneurs an alternative to Federal Reserve Notes! We prove the skeptics wrong when they scoff, “Private currencies and old-fashioned money can’t work in our modern society!”

Silver Calculator put to the Test at the 2011 Porcupine Freedom Festival (Porc Fest) in upstate New Hampshire

Watch a demonstration of the Silver Calculator app for Droid, iPone, Palm or Blackberry. More than 6,000 downloads in its first year. We’ve received a flood of recommendations for premium features soon to come!

Silver Calculator Live Demonstration

Watch Ross take to the stage in San Diego to  explain our progress across the country so far:

The Silver Economy at Libertopia 2011

more to follow…

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