Shirts 2.0 completed & DTOM Etsy page soon to be stocked.

Jim and Ross stopped by the workshop and put in a few hours to ink the backing on a few shirts. Ross will stop by the shop tomorrow to build a DTOM Silver Dime Card display for outreach events. Later this week we plan to overhaul the workshop in preparation for a flood of noobes to learn the ropes for what will be the last, best year in history for Ron Paul R3VOLUTION activism.


Website went live this week thanks to Drew and Nick. Sold some silver dime cards and promotional shirts to friends and family in the Midwest. Jim and Ross stocked up on shirts, ink, and graphics and will go to production Monday. Photo shoot and site overhaul soon to follow.

For T-shirt, long sleeve, or hoodie orders please leave a comment. E-store soon to follow.

hipster silver dime card kitty