The Moneylith is here.

Charles Goyette recording DTOM commercials for LRN.FM!

Phoenix talk radio legend Charles Goyette has recorded two radio commercials for Don’t Tread On Meme. They can be heard on rotation at Liberty Radio Network ( during Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock to promote 2012 as the year of the Freedom’s Phoenix E-Magazine and silver barter. Listen here:

Charles Goyette DTOM 30 sec ad

Charles Goyette DTOM 60 sec ad

Not only has Charles Goyette been writing and speaking about wealth preservation for years before the 2008 collapse and after, but he is a solid man who took a principled stance when Bush-era conservatism took a turn towards Leviathan. We have found his material indispensable for its utility and approachability for a wide audience. Basically, he’s an awesome guy.  Find out more about his New York Times bestselling book The Dollar Meltdown at his website

Plenty busy, so here’s this:

Our First eSales!


We’re preparing to ship our first 2 orders from our Etsy store, we posted our first apparel, and we’ve been working on a prototype for some scarves. Always trying to anticipate and fill market demand….

Photo Shoot and Christmas Party

This weekend we finally took some great photos for our website and Etsy store. (No trouble at all when you have not only a great model but also one who accepts silver; thanks Sarah!)

Later we converged at the workshop for the Freedom’s Phoenix Christmas party and GOP debate for some karaoke, fire pit, potlatch, hookah, laughing at Newt Romney, and of course, Dr. Ron Paul’s infallible answers and gracious composure towards his colleagues.

The biggest success of the night was the booming demand for Silver Dime Cards and Don’t Tread On Meme T-shirts. Jim and Ross might have sold 100 cards between us, at least 4 shirts, and a few promotional bracelets!