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We thank the innovative Ludwig von Mises Insitute for providing the opportunity to contribute to their very own Wiki. After more than a year into our project, we felt that now is an appropriate time to make a footnote in history about all of us involved in silver barter, and there’s no better place to write it than among the extensive annals of the web’s go-to source for Austrian Economics education. We hope to see more submittals from our alternative-currency friends at Silver Circle, American Open Currency Standard, Shire Silver, La Monnaie Saine, and Del Valley Silver, among others.

Viva La Dime Card LOV3olution

Via, Gilles, a French Libertarian supporter of sound Money.

1st french dime cards

Hi everybody,

When I’ve seen the dime cards project from donttreadonmeme on facebook, I thought that is an awesome idea to explain the steal of inflation. “Paid 20 cents for a gallon”. So I tell to myself : “Does exists old French coins in silver ?” I search on internet and I found a lot of old French coins in silver who have no numismatic value for the last 120 years. Great 🙂

1st french dime cards

So I decided to contact the donttreadonmeme team to have more information and to explain my project. They answer for all my questions and now I can show you the first French dime cards. I named this project “La monnaie saine” a translate of “The sound money”. So I created a website www.lamonnaiesaine.org to explain the sound money.

1st french dime cards

1st french dime cards

My libertarians friends love this idea when I show them the first cards and when we went to a restaurant yesterday I give a French dime cards to a server for tips (In France we don’t give a lot of tips because they have already a real salary, so sometimes we give 1 or 2 euros sometimes nothing)
I explain to her that euro is fake money and that this is silver this is real money, she smiles and she said to me that she show the card to their work colleague…

With my friends we are thinking about a network to borrowing DVD and libertarians books. I thought that we could give 1 dime card when I borrow a book or a dvd to the owner’s book. But my friends say that the value of the card is too big for a borrow…Need to think again 🙂

I want to tell THANK YOU to Drew and Ross to have this amazing idea and to help me on this project.

Greetings from France to my libertarians americans friends


PS : Sorry for my mistakes in english I learned english in the national french public school 🙂

1st french dime cards
1st french dime cards

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The Moneylith is wrapped. Thank you to our sponsors!

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