What is a Bitcoin Bank Note?

Dont Tread on Meme "Bit-Note"

Dont Tread on Meme “Bit-Note”

In short it’s a flashy way of trading small amounts of bitcoin in a physical way. These “Bit-Notes” are NOT the safest way of storing your bitcoins but do make a great way of giving someone their first amount of bitcoin attached to some great looking graphics. DTOM has asked for some graphics from the Muslim Agorist, Davi Barker and he delivered these great designs. I may start selling these on the website but I will be bringing a number of them to the upcoming Libertopia Event in San Diego and and will be passing them out to people who might want to know more about bitcoins but dont know how to get started. Stay tuned for a update and instructions on how to use them.



I’m taking suggestions for the back side on the bitcointalk.org forum. See full back side image here.

If you would like to learn more about Bitcoin please see: WeUseCoins.org

Like this project? Want to help me make more Bit-Notes? Send me some bitcoin to:

Proper donation link coming…


New Apparel for Sale

Alex and Ross took a trip to Flagstaff, Arizona, to take some overdue photos for the Etsy Store. Click here to check as we add items all week long!

My Favorite Memes (The Uber Meme Video and Song)

DTOM Graphic desighner Davi Barker, was so choked up by the terrible singing of Ross Edwareds that he created his own “Uber Meme Video”. I can’t completely say that Ross’ karaoke video was not inspiering to Davi, This Song and video was written, produced with graphics, given an audio recording of Davi’s voice and edited in about 32 hours. How fast can you meme?

The Uber Meme

The Uber Meme

Philosoraptors that riddle satiric
Joseph Decreux with his archaic lyrics
Dorothy Gale as she’s TSA screened
These are a few of my favorite memes

Agorist Lol cats with Anarchist kittens
Obama Girl votes for candidate Mittens
Porcupine flags that read “Don’t Tread on Me”
These are a few of my favorite memes.

Vendetta masks record police aggression
“Don’tTax Me, Bro” signs at TeaParty sessions
American Autumn meets the Arab Spring
These are a few of my favorite memes.

When the Fed Prints
When the State Raids
When I feel oppressed
I simply remember my favorite memes
And then I don’t feel depressed

Ross sings the DTOM theme song at PorcFest 2012