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WryGuys Antiwar shirts!

Since at least the time of the first Gulf War, the US government has engaged in military operations in countless locations around the globe. From Iraq to Kosovo, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and so on, the official rationales for US intervention vary, but the reality rarely accords with the propaganda. In war, innocents suffer and resentments build abroad, while here in the ‘Homeland,’ our civil liberties steadily erode, the national debt skyrockets, and economic vitality is sacrificed on the altar of continuous conflict.

The Wry Guys donate $5 from the sale of each of these Tees to, an invaluable Web site committed to the advancement of peace in our time. War is no laughing matter — take a principled stand in this super-comfy, dual-blend Tee.

Tee Materials & Sizing

These comfortable, semi-fitted Tees feature a crew neck and heathered colors.

52% combed, ring-spun cotton and 48% poly.


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