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Send Wheels Off Liberty to Porcfest 2012!

We’re raising $400 to send Mike and Jamie once again to the Porcupine Freedom Festival in Lancaster, NH. It’s the week-long annual summer festival by the Free State Project, a movement to bring 20,000 friends-of-liberty to the arguably free[est] state in the USSA.

Visit this Etsy store link to purchase your limited edition card, numbered 1-50. They are priced higher at $8 but ALL sales go to the WOL crew in appreciation for their kind mentions of the DTOM project and the joy and warmth they bring to our hearts and private parts.

New Etsy Items posted!

Check into our Etsy e-store for new items posted! We just cannot keep up with the national attention our silver project is receiving!

The Moneylith is wrapped. Thank you to our sponsors!

Read more at FreedomsPhoenix.com

Liberty Forum 2012 recap

Go forth, and sing better than us!