About Drew

Drew is one of many co-founders of the silver dime card project and helps maintain this site He has worked with other groups and individuals to create there very own dime card designs.

Selling silver dime cards for Bitcoin!


I’m testing out the new merchant tools from CoinBase.com. The tools allow you to sell items right from your blog with easy to use payment buttons. I’m selling this silver coin chart designed by Crizzels buttons. The card is for sale for the BTC equivalent of $5.00 USD and will ship for free since I don’t have to pay an extra fee for credit card processing. Shipping in the USSA only at this time and limit one per customer until I can figure out how to collect shipping addresses…. Work in progress…

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Learn more about this new service on the Coinbase blog.


If you’re looking for an alternatives to the #blackfriday mania. Check out all the great counter economy deals to be had in the Agora! I listed some of my favorites on the new Agora page linked above but more tax free deals can be made in the Agorist Marketplace.

#blackandgoldCyberMonday update.

Davi Barker has created this flier for a group of us to include in all the orders everyone in the group ships out. If you have any ideas on how to help grow the agora drop me a line. Drew (at) Don’t Tread on Meme (dot) com