About Drew

Drew is one of many co-founders of the silver dime card project and helps maintain this site He has worked with other groups and individuals to create there very own dime card designs.

Silver Dime cards back on OpenBazaar.

Its been some time since I have made some cards but they are back and only available on OpenBazaar. In order to purchases them you will need to download the application from OpenBazaar.org and check out using bitcoin. Contact me if you have any problems or would like a custom order.

Seen here on DuoSear.ch. https://duosear.ch/@donttreadonmeme


WryGuys Antiwar shirts!

Since at least the time of the first Gulf War, the US government has engaged in military operations in countless locations around the globe. From Iraq to Kosovo, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and so on, the official rationales for US intervention vary, but the reality rarely accords with the propaganda. In war, innocents suffer and resentments build abroad, while here in the ‘Homeland,’ our civil liberties steadily erode, the national debt skyrockets, and economic vitality is sacrificed on the altar of continuous conflict.

The Wry Guys donate $5 from the sale of each of these Tees to Antiwar.me, an invaluable Web site committed to the advancement of peace in our time. War is no laughing matter — take a principled stand in this super-comfy, dual-blend Tee.

Tee Materials & Sizing

These comfortable, semi-fitted Tees feature a crew neck and heathered colors.

52% combed, ring-spun cotton and 48% poly.


Shipping Up To Boston: CopBlock.org Door Hangers

Friends, I have been reading the news out of Boston and trying to make sense of it all, and now I’m finally pissed off to the point that I want to do something about it. I don’t care what really happened and who did what with whose bomb. This whole mess is a tragedy, and armed thugs on the streets of Boston raiding peoples’ houses is not making the situation any better and not keeping anyone safe.

Blatant violations of the 4th amendment, raids on houses, warrantless searches on pedestrians! It was martial law in the streets of Boston today and this all could be coming to your town next. The federalized local police and swat units are going way to far and tax payers are left paying the bill for all this oppression.


Enter the Cop Block door hangers: Two years ago my buddy Nick and I spent about $200 on 1000 of them and took them to the Porcupine
Freedom festival as a fun item to sell in bulk and give away to the festival goers. They make great educational tools and at about 15 cents a
piece they are cheap and effective. I just got off the phone with four other friends and we all have $100 on the first order. That should get us around 2500. But with more money we can do more, and that’s where you come in. Every dollar donated to this bitcoin address and to this WePay
chip in, will go to increasing the size of the order. I asked for quotes from 2 print companies and first thing Monday we will take what we have collected over the weekend and place an order with the company that gives us the best quote.



Sure, they just caught the guy and the lock down may be
over by Monday, but the long term effects of people being conditioned to
open their homes to thugs in black storm-trooper outfits is something
I want to push back on. This door hanger is the right tool for this
job and my friends and I are going to make sure they get printed.

If you are in the Boston area and would like to receive some door hangers to pass out please contact us.



Video interview with Future Money Trends.

At the recent Libertopia festival in San Diego, I sat down with Daniel of Future Money Trends to talk about the silver dime project, the silver calculator app and my new found fascination with bitcoin.

East Cost Bitcoin Summit

Live from Philadelphia, Live video stream starts at 1:00pm EST

For a list of speakers and schedule check out the facebook page.