Agorist Communities

I was talking with my friend Jay the other day, and he suggested the idea that what economy really is, is community. I thought about it, and I agreed with what he was saying. I decided to write a blog about it, because I think it’s a great idea. I had actually written a couple of similar blog posts in my personal blog back last year (which you can read about HERE and HERE), in which I talked about the community of Agorists and other small business owners such as myself.
There are many things that are a part of having a successful business. For one thing, I think having a good relationship with your customers is the most important aspect of having a business. Customers want to know that you can be trusted to deliver a product or service in a timely manner. Communication is key, because if there are any issues, you need to keep in contact and make sure the customer knows why something may be delayed. If these kinds of issues are dealt with kindly and promptly, the customer is likely to come back. The reason I’m saying these things is because it all ties back to economy being community. I realize that these are things that corporations like to spew, and like to pretend that they are important, and some are even good at providing good customer service. However, we all know that at the end of the day, all corporations are about is money.
It’s a valid point, to be sure, to be worried about money, since that’s our livelihood; how we pay our bills. But, I feel that, as an Agorist, people are equally important. Maybe, even more important. Agorists are of a different, higher caliber than those in corporations, since we truly do care about people. We see value in different ways. You can trade a coffee table for a dresser, if you would like. I think what also sets us apart is that we don’t compete with each other. I make jewelry sometimes, and I have a couple of other friends that also make jewelry. We don’t trample over each other and try to steal customers, because we know there’s no need for that. For one thing, we all make different styles of jewelry. We cater to different customers, and we have different customer bases. But you know the amazing thing? In addition to not competing, we all promote each other. We work together. Anything else, and that reminds me of what corporations do: try to undercut the “other guy” and steal customers. That’s the type of business bloodshed that makes me despise corporations. It disgusts me to think that that’s a valid business model, since there’s plenty of business and customers to go around, to make enough profit for business owners to live as they wish.
Don’t get me wrong, I understand good competition, but getting dirty isn’t a Voluntaryist way of thinking. If you think about it, trying to steal customers is the opposite of what we try and preach here, in this wonderful society that practices such principles as Voluntaryism and the Non-Aggression Principle. How so? Knowing what another business does and their customers and using that to manipulate customers to taking their business elsewhere is a form of aggression. It’s not physical aggression, but it is aggression, trying to take away someone’s customers in such a way that’s nefarious. It’s potentially taking away from the livelihood of another peaceful person. In fact, this type of behavior reminds me of a corporation, by taking customers away from the smaller businesses, and forcing them out.
Yes, there’s value in receiving monetary gains in your business, whether it be FRN, Bitcoin, silver, gold, etc. Of course there is. But, I believe that economy is the same thing as community; meaning, we help each other survive and thrive, because no business owner couldn’t make it without people. Those of us in the same type of business may help others, by giving them ideas and ways to market their business, because we may have different customers and different ways of doing things. At the end of the day, it’s the community that makes your business run.

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