Don’t Tread On Meme is the marketing effort for an economics project.

We believe in peaceful evolution to a voluntary society and honest money.

Every day, people like you act with kindness, consent, and when conflicts arise they tend to find win-win solutions. They seek restitution, not retribution. They honor their agreements.

They wish to develop their talents and simply live without asking permission from whom none is due.

They want to build stable businesses at home and abroad without artificial barriers, distortions, or a rigged system of accounting.

DTOM embraces a world of diversity and prosperity and we believe that what unites us all is the desire to share our talents and exchange our creations.

We believe defensive force to be a universal human right, in contrast to aggressive force which is a regressive path for civilization. Therefore we reject the initiation of force whether it is done in the first person or in the case of non-consensual fees and controls which are simply an outsourcing of the initiation of force.

Because we believe in living by consent and not coercion, trade and not violence, agreements and not orders, we embrace a currency familiar to millions and one not easily manipulated, cheated, inflated, or embezzled.

We find silver coin to be that currency.

We seek an alternative from the boom & bust, pump & dump schemes of government central banks and fractional-reserve banking cartels. We read Austrian Economics.

You may disagree and we encourage you to find what works for you.

In the meantime, download the free Silver Calculator app and checkout our various Silver Dime cards. We also offer men and woman’s apparel, jewelry and other agorist made products in our shop.

We started the project in hopes it would inspire others to make it their own. Visit our new French friends The Sound Money. They are providing a peaceful alternative as the Euro meets the same fate as the FRN!

2012 A Silver Odyssey (The Moneylith Video)

2012 A Silver Odyssey from Drew on Vimeo.

To further promote the concept of silver as an affordable and accessible barter money, Don’t Tread On Meme purchased a vending machine in January 2012 with the sponsorship of silver dealers Roberts & Roberts Brokerage, Inc., along with Freedom’s Phoenix, Silver Circle Movie, The Shire Society, Freedom Engineering, Shire Silver, Porcfest 2012,, and The machine became a prop for economic and political “street theater” at events such as Ron Paul campaign appearances and liberty conferences. Due to the black monolithic appearance and its purpose as a “sentinel” for economic evolution, it became the inspiration for this web-based featurette film 2012: A Silver Odyssey written as an allegory to the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.


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  1. I just bought 3 “Don’t Tread On Meme” pre-1965 (90%) silver dime cards – 2 with Ron Paul and one with Clint Eastwood, from an old “spaghetti” western movie (probably “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly”). I got the last one. I may simply hang onto these cards as COLLECTIBLES. I have been telling everyone I know, about the importance of investing in silver and gold, since 2007. The one of Ron Paul kissing a baby – I may have to send that one to my Mom – maybe for Mother’s Day, 2012! (I already told her to vote for him!)

  2. Do you have a Liberty Set of silver dime cards? Do you have a Patriot’s Set?How many styles of cards have you printed? Do you offer a collection of all styles in a bundle? You could make it like collecting stamps. I think people would like to get one a month.

  3. I’d like to work with you guys to have some custom silver dime cards made promoting my web-comic (in which many people trade in silver and gold). Who do I speak with?

    • Hi Scott! We may have met at a festival by now. I’ll email you details. We each have our own levels of availability on this project regarding custom cards. Love the new “Quantum Vibe” jingle from Hannah!

      • I’ve been enthused about a strong involvement with agorism, but am finding mixed signs of success and failure.

        I’ve installed the skeleton of a web site where I’d like to add to the mix promoting the well-meaning concept of free trade using real and enduring value.

        Any advice and are you having success with your efforts?

        FWIW: I’d like to make my own ‘cards’ with Ag and Au content, offer to accept any/all such products like yours and others and promote them here in TN and elsewhere.

        Any help and words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

  4. I see that you guys are selling liberty oriented items. I have a liberty oriented childrens book. If I wanted to have silver dimes with my books cover and website could you do it? I would love to either just let you use the picture with nothing in return other than the free plug my book and website would get being sold here. Or I could pay you to produce a few and the sell myself. Please contact me at my E-mail. I am an AMP member of FTL and donate to the Civil disobedience fund as well as mail to jail (on occasion). I have signed up for the free state project but it will take me awhile to get up in NH.

    • Thank you for your inquiry! We have done such things in the past, such as for Tarrin Lupo’s Pirates of Savannah. The kids like the actual “pirate booty” and the parents value the silver. I will email you regarding custom bulk orders. It will depend on the availability of the people on our project. We each have our own levels of commitment. Yay FTL, FSP, and Mail to Jail!

  5. Hey I have some dime cards they are really nice. I think you should make some quarter and maybe half dollar cards. If you do I would really like to get some
    Thanks Anthony

  6. Love the Dorothy shirt in your etsy store but can’t see where to order the yellow one. Let me know if its available or can you send a link to my email?

    • The rest of our random inventory will be posted to Etsy in the next few weeks. We successfully liquidated over 50 shirts at Libertopia 2012 in October, just to get the message out.

    • He is from Roberts & Roberts Brokerage, Inc., a good liberty-supporting source for precious metals, but I do not think the PAUL cards are in production anymore. We had some at the DTOM Etsy store but they are sold out. Sorry!

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